Because of the large number of Veterans that returned, the Membership increased and the search for larger facilities began. They discovered the old LaSalle Grill and the Avenue Grocery Store at 1228 Rosser Ave. The Avenue Grocery Store closed in 1950 and after extensive remodeling they owned their own Clubroom.
In 1954 the LaSalle Grill closed and the purchase of this building resulted in further expansion and remodeling. The land and buildings were purchased for the sum of $30,000.00, with annual taxes being just $939.40. All the necessary arrangements were made and the liquor license was transferred to the new location. On August 16th 1953 it was business as usual at the new Clubroom. In 1953 the Ladies Auxiliary was founded and they received their Charter. The Ladies were a great help to the Men's Unit in the years that followed.
This was to be the home of Unit #10 for the next 30 years. Many memories of "good times", comradery, and socializing were remembered by its Members.
By 1983 our Membership had grown so large that a new home was a necessity. Lots one, two and three in Block 81 were purchased and the property now known as 31-14th Street was prepared so a new structure could be built. In October 1984 the new Clubroom and downstairs Banquet Hall were officially opened.
In 1989 two more pieces of property were purchased beside our existing building to provide parking and future anticipated expansion.

W. M. Bourks
Thomas Lee
K. L. Loucks
George Scott
J. F. Miller
W. G. Oakey
C. F. Willice
D. F. Shiriff
G Drennan
H. M. Barclay
R. M. Myers
Thomas Smith
K. J. Baird
W. J. Creelman
C. F. Crofton
H. D. Phillips
Jos Kirkham
H. K. Taylor

C. F. Hamsford
D. W. Shaw
J. F. Gemmell
A. F. Barker
S. D. Whiting
D. W. Beaubier (card)
J. C. Murray
J. W. LaMontagne
This is a Membership Card from one of the founding members, D. W. Beaubier. The card is from 1918 - 1919. It also came with a leather case. Note that the card and case say "Army and Navy Veterans in Canada" as this was before the Air Force became part of the Association.
A Brief History of Unit #10
The Charter Members were:
After the Great War of 1914 - 1918, a few of the returned Veterans got together in the old Empire Hotel for a few drinks and talk about the "old times". This was the beginning of Unit #10 as they decided to start an Army & Navy Veterans Association. An organization was formed and the Charter was presented on December 16, 1918.
They continued to meet in the Empire Hotel until they established a Clubroom at 119 Tenth Street. This was home until after the Second World War. This was also the time when Air Force Veterans were welcomed and the Associations name was officially changed to Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada.
Empire Hotel (front right) c1906
The Empire Hotel circa 1918
Proprietor - D. W. Beaubier